Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chuckfull of Stuff and Giveaway Winner Announced

Oh, no.  Another weekend gone away.  I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.  We went to a friend's yard sale  and I came away with a ton of neat vintage jewelry, another makeup compact and a beautiful footed silver tray.  I'll have photos up soon. Today I met with my niece and my sister, her mom, to decide on a design for her engagement party invitations.  I'll be doing almost all or all of her paper needs, including her wedding planner.  So, I'll be busy this year with wedding creations.  Please share your ideas and resources.  I'd love to hear from you.  

Don't you wish you were here; I do.  I can't wait to be at the beach.  Here's an image you can use.  I'll have others throughout this post as well.

And in that spirit, here are some things I gathered from the wonderful world of the web:

And, of course, my giveaway has ended and we have a winner so:

And here are some other opportunities to win a giveaway.  Click the title on top of each image:


Wonderful stash of supplies, yippeee!  Hurry on this one, it ends April 22

 I'd love to have that drawer to create something.  Its so neat with the carvings.

 For those that wanted to have the Somerset Apprentice Magazine Vol 1, you can now purchase a download able version which I did.  I liked the lower price and even though its not on paper, you could save it to a flash drive so you should always have your copy in a safe place.  Go here if interested. 

Other images for you.  How adorable is this little girl (and the others) shared by Magic Moonlight

I'd love to get one of those baby bottles for my collection of glass bottles, don't you?

Have a great week, everybody!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

ooooooh! - thanks for the wonderful images - they're just fab. Love 'em!

Now, off to try to win that stash of artists' supplies! LOL

Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing the neat images. I really like one of the child asleep. Have a wonderful week.

Rosina-reciclA said...

Hello Nella! I have seen that you me follow in my blog; thank you! I have visited yours and I have been charmed with it!
I am alone an improvizada in this of the scrap, have much that to learn of you! A greeting from Argentina.
Sorry if I do not write well I am using the translator!

Rosina-reciclA said...

HOLA NELLY!!!!!!!!
que alegria y tranquilidad no tener que apelar a mi escaso ingles!
que bueno habernos encontrado!
sabes? yo tambien soy de San Isidro!!!!(Beccar) asi que tenemos mas cosas en común!
un abrazo con olor a mate, tango y arraval...

Sharon said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

I am so pleased to have chosen as your winner! CSN stores has already contacted me and I am now heading over to their site's going to be fun picking out that one special item among all of their fabulous stores and inventory. :)

You've made my day! Thank you!

Colorin Colorado... said...

Hola Nelly! Por lo que leí en algún otro lado también sos de Argentina viviendo en USA, como yo (California por 20 años pero volviéndome a Buenos Aires el año que viene!)Gracias por visitar mi blog. Me gusta todo lo que hacés, blindísimo!Veo que también sos miemra de Etsy Cottage Style, yo ya no participo más lamentablemente por falta de tiempo.Espro que tengas un nice weekend y nos seguimos visitando! Divinas las imágenes de las flores!
Talk to you later!

Carola Zajdman said...

Hola, qué linda tu visita, otra argentina más por afuera.
Me encanta tu blog, nos veremos seguido.
Besos y divino el blog !!!

mely said...

hola nelly, graciaspor tu visita me encanto tu blog espero nop perdamos contacto ,besos y otra vez muy lindo tu blog

mely said...

ey ahora qe leo los comentarios me doy cuenta qe esto esto es reunion de argentinas ja ja ja.besos

Geraldine said...

Hola!! Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! Yo que pensaba en cómo escribir con mi desastroso inglés y resulta que sos argentina!
Me encantaron tus trabajos y el blog!!!

Rustique Gal said...

Nelly, what sweet images you are sharing. I love the first little girl with the flowers and the bathing beauties! Lucky Sharon for winning your giveaway! Have a great week!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Nelly,
the images are just beautiful and so is your blog.Thanks for playing
in my giveaway - Good Luck -
Have a great week.

Nishant said...

Thanks for sharing the neat images.
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