Friday, April 30, 2010

Generosity in Blogand Abounds!

No, I didn't just win a giveaway, or did I?  Here are some of the great loot of vintage jewelry I got at my friend's yard sale a couple of weeks ago.  She was so generous in giving me these without paying her.  Aren't they wonderful!  I can't wait to put them in some of my creations and really show them off. 
There's a ton of pins with bling, necklaces, watches.  See those cool lockets?  And all the religious medals.

Wonderful giveaways for you not to be missed:
 You have to see it to believe!!

Truly Chic!

 Did you find this blog yet?  Great french images:

I'm always just amazed at the generosity of the bloggerworld, aren't you?  Enjoy the images and good luck on those giveaways. Don't forget to check out my other findings on awesome blogs by clicking into the "Bella Nella's Shared Items" on my side bar (right hand side).  This is where I regularly share tons of other blog posts from the many I subscribe to which are just amazing resources.

A great big welcome to my new followers.  Have a great weekend, everyone.  I'm off to thoroughly enjoy this weekend which it promises to be quite a gorgeous one.

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