Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty Window and Giveaway Extended

So I finally put my wedding veil collection and organ music rolls to use.  I decorated my craft room window with them.  I love looking at the beauty of the tulle fabric, don't you?  I am in love with tulle!

This huge puff is a wedding crinoline I got from Freecycle (you know how much I love Freecyling).  See where I put it.  On my TV in my craft room.  Its been squashed in my closet for weeks and I finally liberate it.

Wanted to give all my followers a chance to win so, I'm extending the giveaway 1 more week.  I will choose a name on April 18. 
Good luck, everyone!


Ashlee said...

mommy, your blog is beautiful and i hope people realize how beautiful your items really are. you are always working so hard on everything. i come home from work and you're in your office working away. you're so creative!! i can't wait til i get engaged and married. i know it will be a beautiful experience with your art!

<3, ashlee mava :)

Nelly said...

thanks, honey bun!