Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Paper Crafts

Wishing you all a most wonderful Christmas, eating holiday food, engaging in family traditions, and visiting family and friends!!

I finally got the courage to try my hand at one of these.  There are some.  The ones out there from other artists I've seen just made me swoon.  Mine not so much, but I learned a few things about the technique.  One, next time I'll use a fresher/newer book.  I used an older book which makes the pages a bit too delicate and the piece can get crushed with time, so a newer book will keep it looking fresh and crisp.  Two, you layer the cones on top of each other in neat rows instead of randomly as I did.  Use a glue gun to adhere the cones for quick work.

This one I will be gifting for Christmas.

I also finally decorated these trees which I had purchased last year for Christmas.  At first I had planned to all 3 in the same style.  I quickly changed my mind because it just seemed boring to me to do it that way.

The one thing that brought them all together was the glittered buttons on the bottom

This is a very cool idea for me being a night owl and otherwise unencumbered for New Year's Eve.  You might want to check it out too.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  I just found this blog through my Google alerts and it's super cute and pack full of inspirational paper crafts.  Go visit Paula's Palace and join in.
All Night Craft Along  

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virginiasvignettes said...

LUv your paper creations!My Favs are your trees!...I'm such a big fan of glitter!...:)very creative!Happy Holidays!~~~virginia...:)

Rustique Gal said...

These are beautiful! I love sheet music and you have stolen my heart with each one of them. The vintage papers and glitter-yum! I'm going to hit the craft table as soon as I visit Paula's Palace. Have yourself a wonderful holiday!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I just love those trees!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them. Welcome to the Artist blog hop!


Nice to Meet you Nella Bella!
I found you on Kelly's art link above! and I just thought I'd pop on over and say hello!

your blog and creations are so fun to look at...thanks for sharing! come on by and have a peek into my creative world too.....isn't it great to make artful and creative connections here in blogland!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina


I absolutely love your banner by the way!


see ya soon!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina....again!

Shirley said...

I haven't been to visit for a while so I am spending New Year's Eve reading blogs of my friends. Your trees and wreaths are really neat. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy New Year A Missouri Friend.