Friday, August 27, 2010

Giveaway Winners for the Blog Hop Summer Celebration 2010

Not many participated, but all will win!

  I enjoyed visiting and getting to know you and your art.  It's always a treat to see each individual's interpretation on a theme.  Since it was only 4 of you, I'm going to send all of you prizes. 
Prize #1 will go to whoever of you 4 ladies has their birthday closest to mine, August 17 and will win a choice of anything in my Etsy shop.  

For the remaining 3 ladies, one of my new collage bags, a bag chuckfull of art supplies to make your own collages.  I'll be adding more of these in my Etsy shop soon too.

Congratulations to Courtney, Ann, Rebecca and DeeDee.  Get in touch with me with your date of birth so I can determine who gets what.  Thanks for participating.
I will try another blog hop in the future and hope it'll be a bit more successful.



DeeDee said...

My birthday is in February,.....far has been nice getting to know you a bit also....thanks for the fun giveaway...

Sandi said...

Hi Nelly,
I have a surprise for you. Please come visit my blog to find out what it is. :)

Cortney Lyon said...

I am also a February baby (2/2 to be exact). Even though only a few participated, I still enjoyed the process and looking at the other summer celebration creations!

I'll e-mail you my address for which ever gift I get! Hope you all had a great it's on to fall, my favorite!

DeeDee said...

Wow..I checked out Sandi's blog better hurry girlfriend....ssssh ! I am not tellin what you will see there,,

if you don't want it I will take it for ya

Ann said...

My birthday is Nov. 7., had fun doing this challenge.