Saturday, January 30, 2010

Collage and Clipboards

I haven't been much in the mood or had the energy to create, so finally I forced myself and thought, I at least need to work on a small scale and just paste stuff like mad and try different things and practice, practice, practice.  I think this will increase my confidence in arting overall.  Anyhow, here are some collages I'm doing on rolodex cards.  

This one has a flower I made out of a sewing pattern, colored in with stamp ink and glittered.  
I sprayed a mix of stamp ink and water onto this one and glued a game piece.

 This mini clipboard I altered with a collage of music pages, old photos, tissue paper, a touch of white gesso and embellished with lace and paper flowers at top.  This is available for purchase, $15.  If you're interested, let me know.  Will soon post on Etsy.
This is the back
Hope you enjoy the bit of art.


she dreams big! said...

Thanks for entering my OWOH giveaway! Good Luck! You have amazing collages - I'll have to come back to visit again!

Rustique Gallery said...

These are just adorable! I'd never have thought of roladex card art! You are really talented. Thanks for the inspiration!

Shirley said...

The rolodex cards are unique. I wouldn't be able to chose which one I like best because they are all good. Thanks for sharing.

Ingrid Dijkers said...

LOVE your sewing pattern flower. Beautiful!

Sea Witch said...

These are lovely. The soft, muted shades are so appealing. Sea Witch

C'est Magnifique said...

I love your Rolodex cards Nelly, they are beautiful!


Tricia said...

Your art is really beautiful. You really are talented. I am impressed. I love, love the flower made from patterns. This is my first visit to your blog and I have really enjoyed it. Keep doing art!


Anonymous said...

How clever everything is! I love that you used Rolodex cards! Staples is a great place to find paper to use in crafts! It's on my places to visit this week!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and signing up for my giveaway! Hope you'll come back and visit again! I love company!


vintage wil said...

Ohh what a great work!!!!

Shona Cole said...

fabulous work, love all the pink!

thanks for visiting my giveaway, I hope you come back and visit again,

Dorthe said...

I love all your cards, the one with girl especially.
Thanks for visiting me, so I could find you.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your collage art work and am going to follow, so inspirational and just my cup of tea
hugs June xxxx

Sares said...

Hello Nelly! Your work is so pretty! It looks like it would be lots of fun to do too. Thank you for visiting Loveleigh Treasures and joining my giveaway, it was a pleasure to meet you!

penny4thoughts said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Simply lovely pieces on your blog - enjoyed my visit!! Penny #896

Xela said...

Fantastic works. Your collage is beautiful. Have a nice weekende. G. Alexandra

Anonymous said...

I lovee your things.I saw that you were from pennsylvania I joined your blog.Im from pennsylvania as well.cant wait to come back here and visit your blog again!~~~Becky

Wendy said...

Lovely work. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on the draw.

Wendy OWOH #996

Myrna said...

Hiya Nelly! So happy to meet you, and I am SO GLAD you entered my giveaway, because it led me back to YOUR wonderful blog!! I LOVE your art! AND I just bought a cute charm off your first purchase! It's going on a necklace that's in honor of my first grandbaby, Lindy!
I'm putting you in my favorites list so I can come back to visit!

Jennifer said...

I love your rolodex cards. They are awesome. What a great idea. I also loved that sweet flower you mad from a pattern. Great ideas. I will visit again.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness what a great idea! These are amazing! I love that you mentioned just starting small...I often find myself at the same place, unsure of what to do. I think starting off with a roladex card (what a unique idea!) would be far less intimidating than staring at my whole floor full of goodies.

Thanks for visiting my OWOH giveaway and leading me back here - can't wait to check out more!


Natasha Burns said...

your collages are great :)

Janee said...

What beautiful creations! I love the rolodex cards, and the clipboard is a true treasure!
Thank you for visiting my blog also.
(Blinkles Boulevard)