Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freebies and Inspiration

Hi everyone -- Unfortunately I'm still without my computer and this one is not loaded with what I need to post photos and even for Blogger to give me all the features I usually have, it seems. I'm so tired of computer problems!!!

Anyhow enjoy some of the terrific goodies from my favorite company, Stampington.

Free vintage images here from Stampington:

Wonderful project tutorial from Stampington's new publication GreenCraft Magazine:
I hope to upload some photos soon of a new Halloween banner I made to decorate my work cubicle and of some paper goodies I got from Freecycle. I'm also proposing a fun project at work that makes use of that all favorite "guess who this baby is" game. I'll be using coworkers' baby pictures to integrate into a Halloween mask that I'll embellish and people can wear throughout the day. Coworkers will wear someone else's photo. guess. Anyhow, don't know yet if they'll go for it but I'm hoping they decide soon, since there'll be a bit of work for me to assemble these.

I think it'll be a fun idea and would give us some sort of Halloween celebration since most people don't really want to wear customes but do enjoy the holiday.

Have any of you ever made use of your "art" skills at your place of work in some way? I'd love to hear.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are happily creating something.


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Chany said...

Hola Nelly que maravilloso tu trabajo, perfecto, lleno de liusión, de románticismo, felicitaciones!!! Muy hermoso todo, Chany