Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dance Cards and Antiques

Finds at a small/crowded antique shop at the Green Dragon flea market and auction
25c buttons for 75c. Oh well, they're sweeeet!

Adorable mini book. I'm currently working on a children's fairy tales altered books so I especially love finding this one.
Another classic. Isn't the cover wonderful!Sweet graphics and I just loved the chapter number in color instead of the usual black.

This one was a larger book and surprisingly stapled. That's the method of binding for this book. I thought it was quite unique for me anyway.Inside of A Tale of Roses.

Cards I received for the dance card swap Nancy/D from the Altered_stArt yahoo group.
Gift card from Nancy who organized this swap
Check how clever the inside isFrom Holly Willis
The beautiful inside
From Peggy Horan - See the metal ball attached to this one; it opens up like a locket to put 2 tiny photos. So neat!
From Nancy
Inside of Nancy's
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peata said...

what great finds and sweet minis.

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Sissi said...
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BellaColle' said...

Those childrens books look soo sweet!
Lovin' the dance cards, never seen any like that before.. I've learned something new! Thank you so much..Thank you for saying "hi" too.. yes, yes I have heard of the tea parties! I think some have forgotten. Have a Happy Easter!


Hi Nelly,

Thanks for visiting and your little dance cards are awesome. Nice Easter banners too.
Happy Easter.
Deb :)

Jeri Aaron said...

I adore the dance cards! Great idea for a swap.