Monday, April 27, 2009

Antique Extravaganza

I'm lucky to live very close to Adamstown, PA which is full of antique shops and markets. This past weekend was weather perfect and the area had an Antique Extravaganza. It made for a more enjoyable shopping day, especially because of the good deals. And my first and last stops were the winners. At my first stop, I found a beat up old bike with a wire basket, which my husband has been looking for to put in the garden and it was his birthday this Sunday. So, how great was that! I also got him an old wooden chair which he likes to collect too. I haven't yet taken photos of them, but here is the rest of the stash I got.
Fabric roses (not antiques). Got them at a new thrift shop I wanted to check out. The pink bowl, was only a $1. This was part of the items I got at my last stop at Shupp's Grove from a lady who had a tablefull of boxes filled with $1 items. See below for more from that stash.
These great selection of bottles were at my first stop and the guy just wanted a $1 for each!!! Wow!! See this one below? It has the word "Paris" on it. I never found ones with that plus with the stoppers! Aren't they cute?Another book for my children's fairytales altered book I'm working on in my internet class.
Neat and unique compacts. These were also $1 each. I'm so always looking for those bargains.
I never seen one up close and didn't realize how beautifully they open up and their detailed designs on the metal. One of them even still had some powder residue.

Another recent favorite of mine to collect is gloves. Aren't these so delicious looking? The hats are just great to replace the winter one I currently have displayed on a shelf. Each of these just $2. Unbelieveable!!

Hope you enjoyed the vintage candy,


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you made quite the gatherer's haul!

lovely things

(I love that "Paris" bottle!)

Gossamer Creations said...

I can't believe all the wonderful things you got. I especially like things that are $1.00. Everything is beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

White Linen ~ Lavender Field said...

The roses are gorgeous. And the Paris bottle is a great find! Love those bargains. How luckey you are to find one man's junk is another woman's treasure!


Carrie said...

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Atelier de Soyun said...

Wow~ I love all you found. Just lovely. I adore compacts so mcuh. They are so pretty and I cannot believe you got them at that price~ What a bargain!

Yvonne said...

OK - next time I want to come along. I love the bottles and compacts. I can't believe you found them at such a bargain!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Miss you