Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thrift Shop Saturday

Here's more to my lace and trim addiction. I did keep it a small selection. And the brass rings, I thought I would use as hangers for some of my pieces, if I ever get creating again, that is. Got one of these pedestal glass bowls before, don't remember when, but I saw 4 more at my local thrift shop this Saturday, so I picked them up too for .75ea. Love pedestal containers!!
Love the beige shading of these buttons.
A cute and simple hankie for my collection. So unique, I thought.
Not something I would pick up (too country for me), but I just so loved the dainty blue flower edging on this. I might cut that out to use in my art, that was my thought.
A satin baby pillow I couldn't resist getting. It might fit my travel pillow which I keep in my car and what an elegant and pleasing cover for it.
For my pedestal collection. I'm not generally a fan of this green, but for $1 it would have been foolish to lrave behind.
Love the dish and the shells; the whole package $2.50. Alright!! The question is: use the shells in my art or live this as is to display? I can't wait for some beach time and this visual is just wonderful. I might take the littlest ones to use. Usually my favorite ones are the small ones.

Well, it was a fun Saturday. I haven't done much thrifting lately and I was just dying to. Its always such a high for me.Now to get into one of my favorite places for inspiration, aside from blogland, Somerset.
And I'm so lucky to now have a subscription thanks to my mother in law. My first Somerset Studio issue arrived, YEA!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

seems like quite a nice haul! good on you!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Great finds! Have fun with them! Come on over for a Creative Inspiration Giveaway!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Love your finds. Those flowers are too cute to use on whatever (or cover the "country" part with new fresh fun fabric & trims or paint or whatever you do (buttons???) get creative! Let us know ; )
Enjoy your weeks sweetie!
Joelle XO

Lyneen said...

love your thrift store finds!!! My additions are buttons, lace I see we have something in common I also like paper ephemera!!!!