Monday, December 8, 2008

Catching Up with Christmas & Stuff

My hubby hard work at decorating our outside. He makes the garlands himself by recycling old christmas trees and other fake greens and fake fruit. Every year we get so many compliments.

"Give me your blessings, grandma". Isn't that a sweet quote? When I saw this little dress I had to have it.

I bought this beautiful wedding gown at an open air market this past summer. Its so heavy and it feels so rich. If any of you have any expertise on such things, I'd love to know from around what year this gown is from. I also I'm looking for ways I could display in my house as part of my decor. I don't want it to sit in a closet. So, share your ideas. I'd love to hear them all. Thanks.

Been busy creating some Christmas tags for a Christmas tree and will share those in the next few days.

Throwing blessings your way,


akatrix said...

Nelly, your house is so festive. What a sweet hubby you have! I'm sure the inside is just as pretty.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

You have a beautiful home. And your husband did an amazing job on those swags!

kathydkeith said...

Just brainstorming...I could see the dress rigged up as a canopy for a girl's room that has a princess theme.