Friday, October 3, 2008

Wallpaper Shops Rock!

I finally had the nerve to go to my local wallpaper/hardware store in town and ask if they gave away their discontinued wallpaper books and indeed they do. Woohoo! Got 2 books.

Aren't these papers beautiful? The papers are great quality and beautiful themes to choose from.

Two weeks later, I got 2 others from someone on mailing list. I was hooked! Now I have 4 books!! Jeez, what am I going to do with all that paper?!

Brings me to the next thing. Have you found that gathering, collecting, shopping for your supplies is almost as much fun to the actual working on creations? Its almost an addiction and as I said before, paralyzing to me, because when I should get down to creating, I'm instead scoping out supplies. Same for the blog candy out there.

Anyhow, I'm hoping this is the weekend, when I'll get some stuff done. Wish me luck.
Also, if anyone has tips for selling at crafts fairs and such, please share. I've never done it and have been considering for many months with trepidation.

Have a great weekend all!


Linda East said...

Hi Bella...your blog looks great. I too am addicted to buying art "stuff"...I agree with you that it is almost as much fun as making the art. I have done craft fairs and now I have found it is easier to have an Etsy shop than to load everything up and go to craft fairs...My problem has never been production, my problem has always been I just take pics and post them on my Etsy Shop...I sold over $100 dollars the very first day I opened. Maybe you should check it out.
Create & Share...Linda (Okla)

Carolyn said...

Aren't you a lucky one? What a great find : )