Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shupp's Grove Antique Market

The season is ending for this wonderful place. October 25 & 26 is their last open weekend of the year. I'll miss it so. It's located near Adamstown, PA, one of the biggest areas for antiquing. I hope some of you can visit next year. Unfortunately, I discovered Shupp's Grove late in the season, but did find some wonderful treasures. Here are a couple:

These are vintage magazines from the 20's. Wonderful old pictures and ads.

I can't wait to use these old books

And of course, couldn't walk away from these treats: lace, ribbon, trims and other fibers. Such things have a special place in my heart; but I'll never know that I'll ever use all that I have collected.


akatrix said...

Nelly, I want to go to your Antique dealy! I can't bear to think of all the goodies that I'm missing! Buy something fun for me, ok? LOL
Your blog is most interesting! Glad to see you at Altered StART.
PS: Go McCain/Palin!!!

Anonymous said...

Shupp's Grove is an awesome place! I'm happy to see it "featured" here!! I love going!! I make it a point to get there at least once during the summer and more of course if I can. I'm about an forty five minutes away or so. Glad you discovered it too! You'll be hooked!!